Q. Who is the supplier of my new car?

A. All BMW models are supplied directly from BMW UK through one of their chosen dealers. We do not supply imported vehicles.

Q. Will I get more than one key?

A. All BMWs are delivered with a full set of keys which usually comprises two keys.


Q. What type of agreements does BMW Cars on Lease offer?
A. We specialise in both business and personal Contract Hire agreements.

Q. How long can a lease agreement be for?
A. We offer the best flexibility with our lease agreements with options ranging from 12 to 48 months.

Q.How much is required as a down payment for my Contract Hire agreement?
A. Your initial down payment can be as low as 1 or as high as 12 regular monthly rentals. The higher the opening down payment is, the lower the regular monthly rental will be.

Q. How do I make my lease payments?
A. All payments are required to be by Direct Debit.

Q. Can I increase or reduce the annual mileage allowance during the agreement period?
A. Yes, increases to mileage allowance can be arranged by contacting us and will increase monthly lease payments. Reductions to mileage allowances however, are not able to be arranged after the contract has begun.


Q. How much does delivery cost?
A. Nothing! Delivery across the UK mainland is FREE. We can deliver vehicles to work or home addresses.

Q. How will my BMW be delivered?
A. Your new BMW will be delivered by an approved BMW delivery driver. Vehicles can be delivered by transporter by prior arrangement and attracts an additional fee, please ask a customer advisor to find out how much the charge is if you elect this option.

Service and Maintenance

Q. Who is responsible for servicing my BMW and how often?
A. If taking the BMW on a no-maintenance contract, you will be responsible for all servicing requirements. All servicing must be carried out to BMW’s specifications, details of these can be found in the BMW handbook, or in the vehicle brochure which can be downloaded from our website. If your contract includes maintenance, servicing costs are covered by the lease company. Lease agreements with maintenance attract a higher monthly fee and initial down payment.

Q. Is my vehicle covered by a warranty?
A. Every new BMW we lease comes with a full UK manufacturer’s warranty.

Q. Do I have to insure my leased BMW myself?
A. Insurance must be organised by you and, as a legal requirement, begin from the date the BMW is delivered to your address. Insurance policies must be fully comprehensive and cover the duration of your contract. Insurers must be made aware that the vehicle is registered to the finance company and is on lease to you.

Q. What do I do if my BMW breaks down?
A. All new BMW’s come with roadside assistance.

Ending my Lease

Q. Do I have to return my vehicle at the end of the lease?
A. No, your vehicle will be collected from your work or home address at the end of the agreement period.

Q. Is my vehicle’s condition checked at the end of the lease period?
A. Yes, vehicles need to be in a condition that is relevant to its age and mileage covered at the end of the lease period. The BVRLA provide guidance on what Fair Wear and Tear standards are for end of lease vehicles.


Q. Who do I need to notify if I have an accident?
A. If you are involved in an accident, you will need to notify your insurance company so they can negotiate directly with the leasing company. Different insurers have different policies and procedures so we advise this is checked directly with them.